Saturday, March 2, 2019

Vacancy Re- Announcement at Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs,Bhutan

The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is pleased to re-announce the vacancy for in-service eligible candidates for the following vacant position through Open Competition:
Position Title
Position LevelSlotsMinimum qualificationPlace of posting  Other Professional Training Requirement  Superstructure
Chief LibrarianP1A1
Bachelor’s  Degree
National Library & Archives of Bhutan, DoCAdvance training in planning management library & information research and publication
Technical Service
Application along with the following documents should reach the HR Division, MoHCA by 12th March, 2019. Applicants with relevant qualification/training and experience will be given preference for purpose of shortlisting:
  1. Updated CV generated from CSIS,
  2. Performance rating for the recent two years (CSIS generated moderation category with seal and sign of (HRO),
  3. Application ID of approved online Security Clearance and,
  4. Application ID of approved Audit Clearance Certificate,
  5. Preference will be given to those candidates with relevant qualification and work experience in relevant field
  6. For eligibility criteria, please refer to Section 13.7, Chapter 13 of the BCSR 2018.
  7. The shortlisted candidates, with venue, date & time for interview, will be announced in the MoHCA’s website.
  8. For any clarification, please contact HR Division at 323741
Candidates failing to submit any of the above documents on or before the deadline will not be shortlisted for the purpose of interview.
HR Division, Directorate Services, MoHCA

You can also check the notification on official website of ministry of home and cultural affairs, bhutan. 

Website notifcation link: